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Social media management

Identify your needs for social media content management service, get a quote now.


By preparing a social media strategy for your brand on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, we determine the visual and communication language of your business, we prepare, manage and report monthly content plans according to the topics your brand owns.

How is your working model?


A price offer is prepared and presented according to the needs of your brand. A contract, valid for at least 1 year, is prepared and signed by the parties over the offer agreed with the brand.

How is pricing done?

The monthly service fee varies according to the answers to questions such as how many social media will be managed for the brand, how many content will be prepared per month, will these content be static or video, whether advertising service or monitor service will be received.

Can you give information about the payment model and maturity?


The service invoice of the previous month is sent to the brand at the beginning of each month and it is expected to be paid to the bank account specified in the contract within 1 week.

How do you manage our social media?

Requirements Planning

When an agreement is reached with the brand, questions such as which social media should the brand be in, how many content should it produce per month, how much budget should it advertise, are answered and brand needs are determined.

Social Media Strategy

The needs planning is followed by creating the social media content strategy. We prepare the social media communication plan of the brand from the agency's point of view and present it to the brand, based on questions such as what kind of communication language the brand uses in the determined channels, what should be the visual design language, what are the issues that the brand owns.

Content Creation and Design

Based on the determined topics, a monthly social media content calendar is created. Content and images are produced and presented to the brand for approval.

Social Media Content Management

Based on the content plan received from the brand, the weekly sharing plan is planned and shared with the middleware used by the agency. After each sharing, channels are controlled separately by the account manager.

Monitor Service

If the brand wants to get monitor service, the posts are followed daily, positive content is answered within the determined patterns, questions are sent to the brand manager, the answers from the brand are answered by contacting the follower.

Advertising Management

We recommend that the brands we provide social media content management services also receive advertising management services. Thanks to the ad management, which is an additional service, brand contents are shown to more users and the target audience of the brand. You can learn more about ad management here.


In the first week of each month, a report containing the activity and statistical data of the social media works carried out in the previous month is prepared and presented to the brand. In this report, data such as how many content was shared that month, video views, post access, impressions, clicks or conversions are included in detail.

Are Social Media Ads charged separately?


Social media content management and social media advertising management are separate services. You can learn more about social media ads by clicking here.

Do you come to the business and do photo or video shoots?


Yes we do, but this service is priced based on your scoped need. For this reason, we offer our brands two options here:


  1. First, within the limits specified in our agreement, our brand representative can visit your business and produce content by shooting static content or simple video with new generation phones.

  2. The second option is that if the visual needs of the brand require a more professional requirement (concept shooting, promotional film, etc.), we can organize and manage shootings with our photographers, whom we work with according to the relevant expertise, in return for extra service.

Can I cancel the annual agreement at any time?


Yes, provided that you specify at least 1 month in advance. For example, if you request a cancellation on July 30, you pay the August service invoice in addition to the July service fee. In this process, the brand can continue to receive service until the end of August if it wishes.

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