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Ana Sayfa

Social Media Advertising Management

Make an appointment to see our work on social media.


We can increase the awareness of your products and services by performing advertisements for your brand on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and enable your products to be sold and reach more people.  

How is your working model?


A price offer is prepared and presented according to the needs of your brand. A contract with a validity of at least 1 year is prepared and signed by the parties over the offer agreed with the brand.

How is pricing done?

For companies with an annual advertising budget of more than 150,000 TL, a commission fee is charged by determining a percentage over the advertising budget. With companies below this figure, service is provided at a fixed monthly fee and the monthly service fee is offered according to the needs of the brand.

Can you give information about the payment model and maturity?


The service invoice of the previous month is sent to the brand at the beginning of each month and it is expected to be paid to the agency's bank account specified in the contract within 1 week. Advertising expenditures are managed through brand accounts using the brand's company credit card. If the brand requests the agency to cover the advertising budget, additional taxes and costs that may occur are reflected in the monthly service invoice.

Can I cancel the annual agreement at any time?


Yes, provided that you specify at least 1 month in advance. For example, if you request a cancellation on July 30, if you pay the service invoice for August as well as the service fee for July, you can continue to receive services until the end of August as a brand in this process.

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