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Google ADS

Thanks to Google ads, we increase the brand awareness of your products, we can ensure your ROI to achieve success with the most effective methods.


By managing Google ADS ads, formerly Google Adwords, we can ensure your conversions and increase your sales and brand awareness by bringing together the target audience that matches your website with your brand.

What are Google ADS Ad Types?

  • Search Ads

When you advertise on the Google Search Network, you have the opportunity to show your ads to people who are looking for terms that are similar and relevant to keywords related to the products or services you offer in your ad.

  • Display Ads


The Google Display Network allows users to see banner ads and messages while browsing websites, watching YouTube videos, checking their Gmail accounts, or surfing on mobile devices and apps.

  • Shopping Ads

If you have a store set up with an e-commerce infrastructure, you can use Google Shopping campaigns to promote your products, increase traffic to your website to sell products, and find more qualified potential customers. To start using Shopping campaigns, you need to submit your product data via Merchant Center or create a campaign on Google. In this way, Google  Your campaign is used to create ads on web pages where your potential customers can see the products you sell.  

  • Video Ads


Video campaigns allow you to run video ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

  • Application Campaign

App campaigns simplify this process for you, allowing your app to be downloaded and purchased by showing ads on Google's channels, including Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover on the Google Search Network, and the Google Display Network.

Who Should Use Google ADS Ad Service?

Those who want to announce their products or services through the Google search engine, Google Partner websites, YouTube channel, create brand awareness, sell products, and also if you have a mobile application, those who want to have it installed or to generate income from these downloads should use it.

The website of the brand is analyzed, the keywords that are important for the brand are shared with the agency. As a result of its analysis, the agency determines the keywords to be used in the advertisement and the type of advertisement, and proposes the estimated advertising budget to the brand, which should be spent daily in line with the brand's goals.

An annual agreement is made with the brand without commitment and the service fee is invoiced monthly. While the agency revenue model is a monthly fixed fee for some sectors or businesses, it is generally charged with a commission method with a % model over the annual advertising budget.

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