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Ana Sayfa

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO)  Determine your needs for the service, get an offer now.


We can help you rise to the top with words that are important for your brand in channels such as Google, Yandex, Bing, and we can support your website onsite and offsite studies by providing competitor comparative reports.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, which means Search Engine Optimization in Turkish, is the term for your website to be found in search results and organic search results for words that are important for your brand.

Who Should Get SEO Service?

Anyone who has a website and sells or promotes their products or services on the website should get SEO services.  

I Already Advertise and I'm at the Top Why Should I Do SEO?

It is important, but not sufficient, that you are doing advertising work on search engines. After all, you pay for every click or view to make your website visible. Being more available in searches related to your topic in organic results will make your business more known, as well as increase your brand's reputation and sales in the digital world.

When Do We Reap the Fruits of SEO Work?

It would not be right to give this a certain time, your ranking will be examined first for the words that you specify or that we suggest. On-site and off-site improvements regarding unsuccessful words are directly proportional to how much competition is in those words and the monthly search volume of those words. With the right SEO practices to be done, your rankings for some words can vary significantly within three or four weeks, while this process can take months for more generic and high search volume words.

How is your Working Model?

By making an annual agreement, you are charged monthly. We send reports such as the activity report of the works done, ranking results with competitor analysis to the brand on a weekly or monthly basis. In addition, we regularly communicate with the brand the reports and prescriptions regarding the work to be done during the month, in constant communication with the brand related to the website on-site developments.

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